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Welcome to our website. Here you can find and choose ceiling fans of all models and price ranges that you need and receive our recommendations on request and discover many new things for yourself… The first ceiling fans appeared in the United States (in southern areas) in the late 1860s, they did not have an electric motor, so they worked by using mechanical energy of water. Since then more than 150 years passed and nowadays, manufacturers offer customers a huge range that meets all of the present requirements.

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Purchase of any air conditioner means a high price as energy costs. A ceiling fan is the best variant if you want a favorable atmosphere in your home. Compared to an air conditioner they are cheaper, and this is a very important factor, but the savings will be significant in a case that you can install it yourself.

Commonly ceiling fans are divided into two types:

  1. With lightening (lamp)
  2. Without lightening

An arrangement is quite simple and includes 3 main parts: a motor, housing, and blades.

Motor usually is single-phase, so it is silent.

The housing can be made from a metal or a plastic depending on the price category.

The quantity of blades is from 3 to 6. But there are some unusual (unique) models with 1 to 15 blades; in this case, a fan is made to order according to the original design. In the production of the blades, an array of materials and decorative finishes are used — natural wood, veneer, plastic, and metal. The appliance of new technologies has improved the efficiency of these devices.

But also there is a lot of other components such as ceiling mount, decor, controllers, switches, remote (depending on the set). Many models have a reverse function that let change air flow direction up or down.

The use of ceiling fans

A ceiling fan circulates the air giving the light breeze. This method of cooling does not require large expenditures — the main principle of the cooling effect is achieved by dissipating the heat inside the room. Most fans are equipped with a reverse function. This reverse lets change the flow of air up to the ceiling or down to the floor. The rotation of the blades can be changed with a special switch on the housing of the fan or the controller (remote).

In summer the air flow is directed down from the ceiling fan sent down (the rotation of the blades counter-clockwise), so there is a blow providing a pleasant coolness.

In winter whole warm air rises and cold one falls. Thus, it is recommended to direct the airflow up, because the cold air begins rising to the ceiling and «mixed» with a warm one, so the room temperature is equalized allowing save on room’s heating.

Ceiling fans design

Manufacturers pay special attention to design. Factories producing ceiling fans use modern technology, making fans not only useful but stylish decor elements.

What should you pay attention purchasing a ceiling fan on?

There are seven simple rules:

1) If you want to capture the entire room, firstly measure its area accurately — it helps to determine the correct size of the fan blades. If a ceiling fan is too small it will not cope with this task, and if it is too large, there will be excessive air movement. The blade diameter is an important factor in choosing a model. For instance, a fan with 60-80 inch blades is ideal for rooms with high ceilings.

2) A fan must be equipped with anti-vibration system. Otherwise, the noise and vibration will bother you.

3) It is better to choose models with powerful motors and different options for running.

4) Blades shall be covered with a special compound protecting from moisture. Otherwise, there will be blades deformation and your fan starts vibrating.

5) Air circulation efficiency depends on the slope of the blades (about 12-14 degrees).

6) Experts recommend installing the fan in the center of a ceiling. This will help to move the air across a large area. You can purchase two ceiling fans for spacious and elongated rooms.

7) Designers recommend considering the color of ceiling fan that you will install in your bedroom. In some models include light. They’re called «ceiling fans with lighting». Match your fan to interior and design of your space.

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Ceiling fan sale

You can choose a ceiling fan that you need, and get acquainted with the following manufacturers such as Hunter, Casablanca, Kichler, Emerson, Monte Carlo and Hugger.

Hunter — this company uses a variety of styles from classic to modern. They offer a wide range of fans. Hunter also uses the finest materials for the elegant designs that will add a unique style to any room.

Casablanca — mainly produces ceiling fans for living rooms, bedrooms and large kitchens. As a rule, blades are made of special plywood.

Kichler — Perfect for any decor. There is a large assortment of any taste.

Emerson — Have a very good quality and keep the standards of high performance.

Monte Carlo — this company offers customers a wide variety of models from simple to modern and multi-functional.

Hugger — fans specially designed for rooms with high ceilings from 8 feet in height.