Casablanca ceiling fans

Ceiling fans “Casablanca” have an excellent reputation for their quality and reliability from the producing of the details till their final testing. This company is considered to be the leading manufacturer of ceiling fans since 1974. Ceiling fans combine fans and lighting, thus giving the buyers big savings. Moreover, each “Casablanca” fan set comes with a Lifetime warranty for the motor; it means that the Casablanca fan will be your companion of a lifetime.

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Casablanca ceiling fans

Ceiling fans Casablanca differs from other fans not only with its flawless and long reputation but a unique style. The “Casablanca” fan with wooden 5- blades and brass inserts suit perfectly a classic interior, because brass and wood give eclectic, the charm of the old, recalling the 19th century. Fans have modern candle-shaped LED bulbs, which give shimmering like real candles.

To create their own special style, the company hired its own designers’ squad. So in the USA, it is the single company with a private squad of designers.

Style of ceiling fans “Casablanca” is a combination of superior details and their functionalities.

“Casablanca” has a lightweight construction; the electronic reverse of a motor with variable speed, soft operating and the installation is made on the straight or inclined surface.

The motor is made of a heavy metal with the exact sealed ball bearings on the top and bottom, which provide soft operating and long service. These motors are powerful and run blades with a full step of 14 degrees. So the fan moves the right amount of air to cool and comfortable.

That is why buyers trust “Casablanca” in creating a restful and comfortable climate in your home or in any other place. Special thick shiny (brass) finish is achieved by multi-step polishing and grinding in several stages. Fan’s metal parts are covered with an epoxy (electrostatic), so fans are corrosion free.

How to install

Fan “Casablanca” installation is very simple, can be carried out at three levels of height, directly under the ceiling (without pendulum pipe or short one). “Casablanca” ceiling fan is able to move huge flows of air in your room almost silently due to the rotation of perfectly balanced blades, which have the same weight and proportion, quickly creating a comfortable environment in any room. Even at elevated temperatures.

The fan comes with three-speed modes. The motor requires no maintenance because it has a closed slit cooling and ball bearings that provide long and reliable operation. Suppression system of moving is made to avoid vibrations.

How to use

“Casablanca” is equipped with an innovative electronic control system. Buyers are able to program suitable temperature in each room to the desired comfort, saving energy. Also, buyers manage all fan’s functions with their fingertips using Intel-Touch. There are buttons turning on and off, speed selection, dimming or brightening lights and reverse operation of the fan move.

Due to this program, you can’t stand from the bed – the Intel-Touch compensates the cool night air automatically.

Intel-Touch is installed in a light switch box, so it does not require any special wiring.

Additionally, “Casablanca” is equipped with an exclusive control system – Advan-Touch, which controls it and the light too in 50 feet radius.

Computer control system tests each fan with the help of complicated equipment to ensure that verifies the scheme and it shows any defect to testers.

Advantages of using

“Casablanca” ceiling fans are energy saving, they will help decrease energy costs without losing the quality of the blowing. This effect is based on the alignment of the air temperature at the height of the room. During the heating period, the heating of large and high apartment requires a lot of energy, most part of which is due to the stratification air temperature is lost on the top of the apartment without any benefit. “Casablanca” minimizes the temperature difference and provides significant savings of energy (about 30-40%).

The benefit of ceiling fans opposite the air conditioners is saving because they use less energy than air conditioners.

“Casablanca” reaches the highest standards of quality, design, performance, and service.

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Casablanca ceiling fans

More important information

Each metal part is produced by pouring molten zinc in precision dies, providing an appropriate detail and finish depth.

Natural wood veneers are used to create laminated blades, which has no deformation. They have been already balanced and matched the color. These details are passed through the 10-step process brass plating. This finish coating is maintained for a long period of service.

Before transportation each component of the fan is carefully checked, the final product is checked for proper shape, consistency, function. “Casablanca” honors the traditions of last but is constantly launching the products with new fashion trends.