Ceiling fans with lights

A ceiling fan with backlight hasn’t been considered rareness long ago and today has a great popularity among those who appreciate comfort with minimal costs. Everyone can see this construction with blades mounted under the ceiling anywhere: in private cottages, dachas, urban apartments, cafes and restaurants parlors, in hotels’ hall and theatrical lobbies.

The principle of working such appliance is quite simple and based on a moving of air mass by rotation of blades that makes in location an effect of the breeze blowing and lovely coolness. Despite on standard conditioner, a ceiling fan doesn’t reduce air temperature, doesn’t’ create draughts so it means that his using is absolutely safe.Besides its main function – to ventilate air – such fixture acts simultaneously as a stylish luminaire creating a wonderful atmosphere of coziness and convenience.

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Ceiling fans with lights 1

Employing in backlight some models of economically profitable LED lights and modern technologies of RGB let do programs of changing colors, selecting it depending on your mood and environment.

Installing of a ceiling fan

If setting up of an air conditioner is a task of specialists, hanging off a ceiling fan can make any person knowing the process of connecting devices to an electric circuit and who has got elementary instruments at home. Firstly, householders must turn off electricity. Then better setting up a junction box in a place that was pointed for setting your device (usually it is a center of a ceiling) and also installs a wall switch (for models with a remote system it doesn’t need).

The next step is competent cables connection (gradual following instructions). The third item is attentive fitting of construction: blades and rod fastening to a motor. Besides some modifications have not long rod-bases, so fit them earlier is better, before a moment of mounting on the ceiling. In the end, there is direct hanging with help of solid hanger to the ceiling surface. Only a few of simple manipulations – your fans are already ready to give a desirable chill.

Advantages of ceiling fans with backlight

Fans with ceiling mounting system are excellent decisions if you dream about freshness in rooms in hot summer or equal heat distribution in winter days. Compared to air conditioners these appliances obtain many advantages:

  1. A more reasonable price
  2. The simplicity of mounting
  3. Variety of colors, textures, and forms
  4. Exceptional economy of energy consuming
  5. Convenience and easiness in running

Making choice in favor of such fixtures, you receive not only comfortable microclimate as quiet stylish lighting unit which will underline interior’s originality.

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Ceiling fans with lights 2

Versatile diversity of exemplars

Nowadays ceiling fans producers offer for consumers the widest range of designers’ solutions. Any purchaser may find in rich assortment an exemplar satisfying all requests. Classic variants with plastic blades are for lovers of budget practicality, modifications with blades made of wood or fabric will be appreciated by those who prefer unique things in furniture, and for creative people – successful kinda fan with blades made of organic glass or metal with forged elements.

A multiplicity of geometric shapes and colors strikes the imagination, so there exactly won’t be problems in choosing of a spectacular device. With a mechanical switch or remotes, with three, six or even eleven blades – you should only don’t lose them.

Interesting facts

A prototype of a fan with ceiling principle of mounting few experts consider a helicopter constructed by Leonardo da Vinci and first working constructions have already appeared in 1860 years in the USA, in fact, they weren’t electrical in that time and have only two blades.