Chandeliers: beauty and aesthetics of light in the interior.

That’s impossible to imagine a fancy and beautiful interior in the room without any lighting device. Chandelier, which will be perfect for the place, not only spread the light but places the main accent. What to pay attention first? What modification to choose in order to emphasize the style of the room and to make it original? Let’s go through it all point by point.

A spectacular accessory, hanging from the ceiling, is a very popular detail of the interior. A chandelier can change the style of any room, making it unusual. Nowadays there are a lot of lightning devices: pointed light, wall lamp, floor lamp, desk lamp – you can choose what you want. But all these devices can’t compete with a chandelier. Before chandelier was a not too attractive thing, but nowadays they can add zest to any interior.

The choice of this production is vided and varied. You can choose a chandelier with a crystal pendant and forged elements, roof lamp from glass or leather; ceiling pendant fitting or fixed under the ceiling. The main point for the customer doesn’t make a mistake and don’t get confused in a variety of styles, shapes, materials and color solutions.

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Types of the binding and installation

Methods of installing the chandelier can be divided into two types: ceiling outlet and variants on the pendant. In both cases, there will be no any complications, unless you know the principles of connecting devices to the electric circuit. For installing you need a minimal set of tools and a little patience. Construction will fill the room with light and give a comfort, that’s enough to hang it on a reliable hook, to implement proper connection of the wires in the junction box and to install the wall switch. Nowadays, many manufacturers offer models with a remote control and adjustable lighting modes.

One more nuance: chandeliers, that have not a rod-pedant, mounted directly to the ceiling, so, you should take care of the bulbs. It will be better if the bulbs are energy efficient or light-emitting diode lamp; this will reduce heating of the dome light, which is completely closed. And one more: in this construction, you will can’t change the bulb without removing the dome light.

Depending on the direction of the horns (up or down), you can choose an optimal light level for you and the degree of dispersion of light. Now, there are modifications, that you can easily change the position of lamps.

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Interesting Facts

In the famous Grand Hotel, located in Nice, hanging a unique model with 16.000 crystal elements. A diameter of this chandelier is 2.5 meters.

The biggest chandelier has weight in 4.5 t. and located in Greece. This overall lightning device was a gift for Sultan from Queen Victoria.

In summer 2010, in a mosque, which located in Doha, switched up the chandelier with 165.000 light-emitting-diode bulbs. It works with a help of the high-tech electronic device.

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Variety of chandelier

Depending on the idea and construction, there are several types of models:

  • This type of devices is quite large. They have a large number of dome lights and rich décor. They add a touch of charm and luxury to the placement. This type of chandeliers is made of crystal. You can install classic chandeliers in the living room, halls, and bedrooms. In a small room or placement, this lighting device will be inappropriate.
  • Characterized by a combination curved lines and stylish décor. Artificially aged elements, wood, colored glass and textile, a low-key color palette is the best decision for the interior.
  • This type of the style is a kind of classic style, but with the floral motif. Dome lights in the shape of a flower, pedants in the form of bud and etc. This type of chandelier will be good enough for any room.
  • Eco-chandelier. An actual trend for the people, who like all natural. In this type of chandeliers, there are no plastic and another synthetics materials. Wood, bamboo, rice paper and other ecological materials are the most popular in eco-chandelier. They are suitable for the houses in the country or for the summer residence.
  • Modern. This is a successful alliance of a minimal décor and unusual shapes. The variability of these models will allow you to select the device from various models: from glass and special plastic to expensive metal. In the room with a romantic atmosphere these lightning devices are not suitable,  but in the room, with a high-tech design, they will be suitable.