Emerson ceiling fans

“Emerson” is a connection of technology, engineering that helps to create solutions without compromise for a world in action. The company has the longest history than others fans companies. It was established by brothers Meston and with a financial help of J. Emerson in 1895. But still, it has innovated creative variants, surprising the most discerning buyers. It is the first company that produced brush-type fan motor. They designed the world’s first desk fans. Nowadays “Emerson” is a huge maker of motors that uses top-quality materials. “Emerson” motor (K55) allow you to reduce energy costs; it consumes energy less than one hundred watt light bump. Some models include a remote control as exclusive warranties.

“Emerson” maintains a high standard of motors’ types without loss of up-to-date design. According to interviewed buyers “Emerson” is the leader, thus confirming its quality, availability, price and service life.

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF205VS Highpointe Modern Ceiling Fan With Light And Remote

Emerson ceiling fans

The first “Emerson” 2-blades ceiling fan was produced in 1895 and in 1899 it made a scalloped trailing-edge fan blade that improved airflow, reduced noise. Since then the company invented new details, finishing, components, offering ideas and possibilities to other companies. These companies use common controls of this brand and pay for them. Casablanca, for instance, uses “Emerson” motor.

Fans equipped with six layers of wood blades which are matched in weight, shape and balanced. Excellent quality materials for finishing of all ceiling fans: triple electroplated brass, high purity zinc. Blades are polished to resist corrosion and tarnishing (die cast zinc polish). Then a fan is tested with three days salt spray. Produce the fans company try to choose such a material escaping wobble.  “Emerson” fixtures are created and produced by a qualified team of engineers and designers.

How to use

Ceiling fans fit a standard eight-foot ceiling and must be installed at least 18 inches from any wall. For ceilings above 8 feet, one is ought to hang 8-9 feet from the floor. Because the lower the fan is set up, the more air circulation nears the ground. Dual purpose kit (for slope and low ceilings) let set the fan up close 8 inches from the ceiling. The fan doesn’t require any maintenance.

Advantages of using

Ceiling fans “Emerson” cool rooms in summer and also is able to circulate warm air in winter. The fan requires a two wire installation. If you want to redecorate your room, remove a light source to set up the ceiling fan, there is a wide range of “Emerson” light fixtures and shades made of glass that can suit the fan and the décor of your space.

Another advantage of using “Emerson” ceiling fan is the “silent hub”. It is a flexible component that engineers made with a computer-programmed system that isolates the fans’ blades, reduces noise and protects the blades from damages and breaking. The fans without silent hub are very noisy. For producing the hub “Emerson” uses a rubber-like material (EPDM) to resist deterioration and for a long service. Also, buyers have a possibility to set up 4-blades or 5-blades depending on the décor of your room. 5-blades ceiling fan is considered to be more conventional, stylish, popular variants among the customers.

Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan with 4 Speed Wall Control and 60-Inch Blades

Emerson ceiling fans

More important information

The first DC model from “Emerson” (the Midway Eco fan) is still customer-favorite today. It reduces energy costs by 40 percent. Eco fans have a higher degree blade step and consume max thirty-tree watts, providing the room with excellent silent air flows. It was made without compromise its power. Eco motor uses steadily charges of a magnetic field with 5 times less energy. It is produced with latest electronic equipment; optic sensor adjusts RPM, for fans to seventy inches in diameter the motor fitted the optimal six speeds.

The “Emerson” company offers a large collection of Eco ceiling fans in any style: traditional (the Avant Eco), contemporary (the Luxe Eco, the Aira Eco, the Midway Eco) or transitional (the Portland Eco, the Laclede Eco and the Carrera Grande Eco).

“Emerson” ceiling fans are appreciated for reliability, long service and will enter your apartment creating an individual atmosphere and bring a stylish accent and comfort in your interior.