Flush mount ceiling fans

Fans with flush mount system are constantly conquered consumers’ popularity. Being ergonomic, convenient in using and saving in energy consumption, these devices allow creating the most pleasant microclimate in locations with small squares. Flush mount ceiling fans are becoming a successful solution for tiny kitchens, children’s rooms, halls, and closets. Such appliances are actual and for ventilation attic places or mansards. In any case, installation of a similar facility will be a guarantor of coziness, it gives cooling effect in summer and in cold winter provides a comfortable distribution of warm air.

Variety of models flush mount ceiling fans

Modern producers propose an opportunity purchasing variants matching the most exacting requests, so a choice of these techniques today is really multifaceted. Designers’ ideas don’t have limits! Fans possess different shapes – from classic rectangular or oval till absolutely unusual polygonal and also consist of a various number of blades. The range of colors includes almost all tones and shades of a rainbow so it can be easy to choose a variant of device that harmoniously suits interior style in any direction.

52" Casa Vieja Ancestry Hugger Ceiling Fan

Flush mount ceiling fans 1

As materials most often are used practical ABS plastic, however, lovers of more original constructions may buy ceiling fans made from wood, organic glass, brass or stainless steel, but blades of some models have spectacular finishing as laser engraving and even art painting with using of special steady paints. Majority of technical characteristics of flush mount ceiling fans provides simple modifications choice fitting to place parameters and personal tastes: motor power, performance, indicators of energy consuming, budget mechanics and variants with remotes, backlight and without it – all these items are individual.

Set up features

Flush mount ceiling fans aren’t equipped with a rod that let hide whole housing device into a ceiling. This way of mounting doesn’t break apartment aesthetic and fixture won’t take much place. There are holes in the housing surface throughout which cables are conducted for connection an aggregate of electricity. In a set of a fan, there is a commonly sticky tape that serves as a seal. If the device has a remote system, it is enough only to install a junction box, connect cables properly, but for mechanical models, it should set up a wall switch.

Important-mark: using flush mount fans isn’t good for ceilings that height in a room more than 8 feet. Despite the quiet good performance, such appliances can’t ventilate air in whole rooms with high ceiling constructions. Don’t hang them in places where is a risk of water sprays are ought to reach them. They are open terraces, patios, balconies etc.

Advantages of using

The popularity of flush mount ceiling fans is totally proved with their attractiveness and ideal exploitation indicators. They differ:

  • minimal noise
  • optimal (for not large locations) efficiency
  • exceptional ergonomic
  • running simplicity
  • stylish design
  • variety of models
  • reasonable price
  • long exploitation service

And, of course, we can’t underline among all these ads – high degree of energy saving. In contrast to powerful air conditioners, fans use less energy than real reduces money expenditure.

According to individual preferences, people have proposed fans of any color, design or unique exemplars integrated with lights: this variant is able to execute its basic function (high-quality ventilation of airflow) and be an extraordinary lamp making fashion accent in décor.

52” Ceiling fans with Light Flush Mount Reversible 3 Blade Remote Light Kit Timing

Flush mount ceiling fans 2

Interesting facts

The first electrical ceiling fans with electric drive appeared in 1882. The mechanism was constructed and created, unusual for that time, an American Fillip Diel. Essentially, the construction which later was called “Diel chandelier” wasn’t similar to contemporary lams. It was too bulky, had great weight and looks not very aesthetic, but let create an imitation of breeze.

Later fans didn’t stop changing and manufacturers aren’t tired improving fans’ efficiency and attractiveness of appearance. Nowadays it isn’t surprising to see high-tech fans being almost entirely “hidden” into a ceiling and giving desirable cooling.

Collections from American brand Hunter more than one hundred years don’t lose leader positions in the market and even flush mount system of this company is eager to increase popularity every day.