Hunter ceiling fans

Why is a ceiling fan Hunter worth to buy?

If you look closely, you will see excellent quality materials in every detail…

Buying “Hunter” you are always sure about it is the best ceiling fan which was carefully designed and manufactured at the factory in Memphis, state Tennessee, to be more than just a “fan” with a Limited Lifetime warranty. All products pass through close quality control from its start till the end.

“Hunter” differs from other fans first of all by inside and outside quality. “Hunter” offers almost a lifetime warranty (The Hunter Original) to the high-tech motor “AirMax” or “WhisperWind” from “Hunter” company that is made from the best materials such as:

Constant cooling is provided with an impeller inside, which gives “Hunter” a high service life of the motor “Airmax” – without requiring oil-bath lubrication during its service…

Buyers all over the world trust “Hunter” to be sure about the quality and comfort of their home. Special (brass) coatings are achieved by multi-stage polishing and grinding in several stages. A quality powder coating gives a wide range of colors and glossy surface. “Hunter” has the perfect finish for any taste, resistance to scratches, tarnish and rust.

Feel how your home is filled with fresh air…

The fan is able to move huge flows of air in your room almost silently, due to a rotation of the perfect balanced blades that have the same weight and proportions. The main difference between the 5-blade and 4-blade fan is only aesthetics. Usually, a 4-blade fan moves more air than 5-blade because the fifth blade adds resistance that reduces the velocity of rotation. Ceiling fan Hunter always perfectly balanced right out of the “boxing”, but in every fan complex, there is an additional set of balance that you set it up for soft and quiet operation.

So how to know what a ceiling fan “Hunter” suits your room?

Air movement or air cooling is measured in cubic feet per minute

This is an important point in choosing of a fan, there are special calculations:

100 sq.ft – 30 – 48″

400 sq.ft – 50-54″

400 sq.ft or larger – 56″

Energy saving

“Hunter” ceiling fan can reduce energy costs without losing the quality of the blowing. “Hunter” advantages are obvious in compared with the air conditioning primarily in the economy. They use less energy than an air conditioner.

Research has shown that it is managed to reduce the cost for cooling rooms up to 48% in summer. In winter “Hunter” fan distributes warm air throughout the room due to the REVERSE function that creates a certain comfort for you and your family and reduces heating costs by 25%.

Easy installation

All “Hunter” fans are easy to install without any additional knowledge of electricity if you follow the step-by-step instructions that simplify the install. Also, you should account the angle of inclination of the blades when you install it – to achieve maximum cooling and quiet operation.

If you have setup problems, you can go to the website “Hunter”, view additional instructions or ask the manager.

The Hunter Original also offers a choice of fan blades with a wide choice of colors: chrome-plated, black, white, wood graining. You can choose color matching the interior of your room.

Hunter Fan 54" Contemporary Ceiling Fan in Brushed Nickel with Cased White LED Light Kit and Remote

Hunter ceiling fans 2

You can choose a classic or modern model, for example, with lighting (it has a nice matt light) and remote control, timer startup with a certain time, for example, in the heat of the day.

“Hunter” has more than 100 years traditions and still the engineers haven’t stopped innovating its products making them quieter, more durable, beautiful and it differs them from any other products. “Hunter” company that invented the ceiling fan still keeps the market high-quality products. Choosing “Hunter” – you buy the best.