Industrial ceiling fans

Industrial ceiling fans are manufactured for large commercial, official and living buildings with high ceilings such as warehouses, workshops, and lofts. They equalize the temperature in spaces with high ceilings.

Blades for such fans are produced from metal or tough plastic, fans turn at very high RPMs. Many models of industrial ceiling fans include the “Emerson” motor (K55) which guarantees long service and has superior efficiency.

60" Turbina Franklin Park Bronze Damp Ceiling Fan

Industrial ceiling fans

Industrial ceiling fans are so popular because they suit large open space with high ceilings and can improve the atmosphere of these spaces making comfortable work conditions.

In winter fans reduce fuel usage by recirculating trapped heat back down to the floor. So it helps to save up to 30 % on heating costs. In summer ceiling fans cools the space improving the productivity of workers. The low level of noise doesn’t cause any discomfort. The fans can rotate in both directions or be not reversible so there is an opportunity to use it to stimulate circulation in the summer.

The countered blades provide max airflow in compare to standard paddle-type one.

How to install

Industrial ceiling fans must be installed to correct cooling at least 10 feet from the floor. For heating, a fan must be set up 20-40 feet above the floor where temperatures can vary more than 20 degrees. Thus, installation of ceiling fans as devices that don’t require any maintenance has long-life and a low cost that will pay for itself within one year.

How to use Industrial ceiling fans

Despite on industrial ceiling fans can vary in quality, construction, performance, and price, some fans wouldn’t match some environments. In the toughest environments, the producers offer the 56″ fan. It is produced for commercial and living space, has a four-speed wall control unit, a brushed nickel finish, and black steel blades. The motor provides great airflow consuming only 60 watts of energy at max speed and is thermally protected and sealed and with chrome ball bearings. But the fan is not UL listed. Warranty on the motor is for two years, the whole warranty on the fan is 15 years. Installation is not difficult. The fan is reliable and functional.

Industrial ceiling fan ICFX is a fan that was made for exceptional environments. It may be endangered to aggressive conditions, dust, mud and the temperature more 50 degrees. Blades can be different sizes. ICFX has high quality and maintenance free with a long service period.

One of the global brands is Westinghouse. The customers trust this company, because of its quality and functionality that reduce energy and help save money all year around.

A fan that is set up at 20 feet covers 3,500 sq. ft.

A fan that is set up at 30 feet covers 2,900 sq. ft.

A fan that is set up at 40 feet covers 2,200 sq. ft.

Advantage of using

The industrial ceiling fans are popular in many locations due to its design and performance. It’s crucial to measure the space properly before choosing the fan and then decide what type of industrial ceiling fan will suit this space. A fan that’s too small won’t offer proper ventilation or cooling. A fan that’s too large could not be efficient. So ceiling area, the power requirements of the fans is also important. The customers also should take into account the length of down rod. Different length fits various locations.


Industrial ceiling fans

Industrial ceiling fans are definitely large and powerful, they provide best air flow in large rooms or halls, and are preferred in commercial or industrial buildings and offices, so some of the models can be quite expensive.

Industrial ceiling fans, like others indoor fans, are made to decorate the office or workplace. There are many colors, finishes, and styles that will exactly attract the attention of visitors and workers. New trends and fashion tendencies also influence fans and designers who create them using these modern ideas. Modern ceiling fans can change the atmosphere of any official or living space, improve the whole mood of workers and add positive thoughts to anyone who will come along with it. Exceptional feelings that cause the ceiling fan, due to its breeze or warm air, can improve the operability of workers.