Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights

Outdoor ceiling fans are commonly used all over the world. They are powerful, reliable and helpful. When you decide to choose a fan, initially it needs to select the right UL listed depending on a space of future fan’s location. The difference between the wet and damp types is that wet rated outdoor ceiling fans can be installed as indoor as outdoor but a damp rated fan suit only dry areas or covered spaces from rains. Another location requires a wet rated ceiling fan.

Before speaking to fans I would like to introduce myself. I have learned much about outdoor fans and decided to share my knowledge, so I am ready to explain my opinion and thoughts.

I think it is essential to know that outdoor ceiling fans are UL rated and can resist to humidity, moisture, mud, and mildew; blades are designed from special materials for weather conditions as snow, water, downpour, and ocean spray. They suit sunrooms, patio and wide porches. They don’t have a potential fire risk and are made to special standards. And these are obvious reasons to use them.

Minka-Aire F844-SL, Light Wave, 52" Ceiling Fan, Silver

Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights

What do you need to know before buying?

Any purchaser should think about its location before purchase, measure locations, and ceiling height. Outdoor ceiling fans have a water resisted cover around wires or other electrical details. The blades have varied finishes. If the locations are dark, there are fans integrated with lights. Designers make them amazing, colored and functional. Some models include LED lights and can become an alternative source of light. It suits different interiors, decors, and styles. And they are high-performed. But it is worth buying first of all of its energy costs. Modern outdoor fans have lights with additional moisture protection that are comfortable to clean. Marine grade stainless steel, a cast poly resin is a material for such fans.

Besides, such fans are set up in large spaces (more than 300 sq. feet) or industrial buildings with high ceilings like warehouses, because they are able to equalize the temperature in spaces with high ceilings. Blades for such fans are produced from metal or tough plastic, fans turn at very high RPMs. Many models of industrial ceiling fans include motors with a superior performance.

Correct installation and use

Correct installation of fans is at least 10 feet from the floor. Also, it should take into account the length of down rod. Some locations require flush mount ceiling fans, some with a short extension rod. Different length fits various locations and height of a ceiling. As for its efficiency in a cold period, a fan will provide locations with a warm air and help better feelings for its residents or create a comfortable work atmosphere. Also, it will reduce fuel usage by recirculating trapped heat back down to the floor. Saving up to 30 % on heating costs, you can spend them for any other things and worry about future bills. In summers fans will cool the location. Industrial fans have a low level of noise. They don’t cause any irritation or discomfort. Blades rotate in both directions (they are usually reversible) so there is an opportunity to change their direction when you want. Fans can vary in quality (middle or high), construction (shape), performance (best DC motors) and price.

Correct using a fan allows you prolong it’s operating. Modern manufacturers are ready to give a lifetime warranty to motors and it is a perfect investment to purchasers, so fans will serve for a long time.

Industrial ceiling fans are definitely large and powerful, they provide best air flow in large rooms or halls and are preferred in commercial or industrial buildings and offices, but some of the models can be quite expensive. They like others ceiling fans can have a remote control system, Bluetooth or radio unit. In restaurants, porches or halls remotes are very helpful. They make it possible to run lights, a speed of a fan, reversing of blades distantly without any moving. Décor and a stylistic function of a fan are also important. There are many colors, finishes, and styles that will exactly attract the attention of visitors and workers among brands in a market today. New trends and fashion lines also reflect models of fans. Designers enter these ideas in creating them. To fill a living or office space with a cozy atmosphere, improve the whole mood of residents or stuff and add positive thoughts are main goals of aesthetics meaning of any industrial outdoor ceiling fan.