Kichler ceiling fans

The company “Kichler” produces indoor and outdoor high-quality ceiling fans in different styles, colors, size and design since 1938. Buyers trust the quality and style of “Kichler” for 70 years. Ceiling fans “Kichler” are able to improve the appearance of your home, add ease and elegance, and will serve for a long time. Fans’ finishing includes iron, Berkshire and oil rubbed bronze, burnished antique brass, antique pewter, weathered copper, brushed nickel and others.

Ceiling fans and lighting fixtures “Kichler” are produced in the USA, state Ohio. A CoolTouch Control System and coordinating lighting are included in the most of the ceiling fans. Designers recommend choosing this company because of the interesting collections of ceiling fans for any special taste and style. They bring elegance and comfort conditions into any room: bedroom, living room, and office.

Kichler Terna LED Pendant Fan - 15" Brushed Nickel 300230NI

Kichler ceiling fans

“Kichler” high-quality motors (DC motors) are considered to be one of the most reliable nowadays. The motors can serve long. They use about 70 percent less energy than others. Fans save energy during the year. They cool in summer and distribute warm air in the winter. The company offers additional functions as lighting (including LED), there is a handheld or wall mounted remote control and Bluetooth.

Lighting Kichler ceiling fans

“Kichler” does not produce only indoor and outdoor ceiling fans, but also the indoor and outdoor ceiling fans integrated lighting and interior and landscape lighting: chandeliers, lamps, sconces.

These all-in-one units are ideal if you’re looking for a unique style or focal point for a room. From blades to finishes, to accents, you get a cohesive look. Some “Kichler” ceiling fans include energy-efficient LED lighting integrated into the light fixture. This help saves energy while generating less heat than traditional lighting choices. Other “Kichler” ceiling fans allow you to add on a light kit. These kits let you personalize the look of your fan to your home with decorative glass and finish choices that you can mix and match.

Large outdoor ceiling fans integrated lights provide useful additional lightning. There are many models of indoor lighting in the collection of “Kichler”, so house owners and their guests can spend more time outdoors resting comfortably with minimum costs of energy.

“Kichler” is the first company that developed an energy-saving LED lamp. Buyers have appreciated these options for a ceiling fan with LED lighting, as it significantly will save energy costs, serve for a long time and become a stylistic accent in your home.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans can be installed on patios, porches, and sunrooms. They resist snow, rain, or water without damage to appearance, deformation or breakage. Setting “Kichler” in the sunroom, you can rest comfortably, because it is resistant to changing environmental conditions due to the waterproof and anti-corrosion materials from which it is produced.

Kichler 310136DBK 65`` Ceiling Fan

Kichler ceiling fans

All “Kichler” fans are built using highly durable finishes, stainless steel, hardware, and plastic or sealed wood blades. “Kichler” blades are the best because they are smooth, thin and rounded.

“Kichler” has created the balanced variants of air flowing and lighting, making a comfortable environment for the owner.

How to install

Installing a fan does not require special knowledge of electricity, it is ready to install right out “of the box”. Ceiling fans “Kichler” are made of water-resistant materials that avoid corrosion and mildew when it is used in the winter.


Before buying an inside ceiling fan, you should know what size of the fan you need. First of all, you should measure the room and calculate its square. Small ceiling fans “Kichler” has a blade diameter of 42 inches and less and match to rooms of 110 sq. feet.

Larger ceiling fans have blades with a diameter range from 52 – 60 inches and match to rooms of 150 sq. feet or more.

In the room of over 300 sq. feet, you can purchase the best fan “Kichler” with blades’ diameter of 70 inches or you can buy more than one ceiling fan.

The ceiling fans suit low-profile and sloped ceilings. With high or vaulted ceilings “Kichler” recommends the distance be 9 to feet for optimal performance and aesthetic effect. You can choose a unique design, finish, color, matching to the interior of your room.

More important information

“Kichler” ceiling fans have a Bluetooth speaker light kit, so you can turn your ceiling fan into a sound system. It’s easy to install, you should pair it with your favorite Bluetooth audio device and control music selection and volume. The 30-foot Bluetooth operates range accommodate most rooms and coordinates with many fans, has a large space sync to fan light kits to the same Bluetooth device for simultaneous play. “Kichler” ceiling fans can enter your family with a pleasure.