Kids ceiling fans

Kids ceiling fans reflect modern popular colors, famous characters from the cartoons and can bring in any kids’ room a new attractive accent. Often they are more decorative, bright than simple standard fans. Their fantastic design attracts children’s attention and a choice of a ceiling fan will show an individuality of your kid.

Despite on that is a creative model, first of all, a fun should be efficient toward saving money in cooling and heating a room. Today companies offer purchasers for any age of a kid, for instance, from a newborn to teenager. They are available in different colors (pink, red, yellow, green or multicolor), types (3 or 4-blades, a flush mount or hugger) and styles (modern, classic, cute as a balloon, polka dots, hearts or even butterflies).

Every single parent thinks about a comfort for its kids, so appropriate conditions in a bedroom or nursery where the child is, are important for its healthy and growing.

7247500 Roundabout 30-Inch Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass

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How to install kids ceiling fans

As a perfect result, householders should purchase an appropriate fan. It means that a fan will provide a good airflow in a case, if you measure your room, a ceiling height and choose a correct model suitable for your room with a help of shop manager. For a small room experts propose a hugger type of a fan with 3-blades. In a large location, they offer a 4 or 5- blades fan with a down rod.

A fan is not hard to set up because all needed instructions you can find on a set. Firstly turn off the electricity and come step by step manufacturer’s instruction.

How to use

One of the main aspects of choosing a ceiling fan is a design. The bright color of a fan will certainly like for your kid. Parents can also choose a fan according to a whole design of a room or rely on favorite hobbies, TV programs, sports. But despite on this, there is another important aspect-safety. Experts don’t recommend purchasing fans with glass for kid’s bedrooms. All safe fixtures in a kid’s bedroom must guarantee you a comfortable being, playing and sleeping with a child there.

Advantages of using

Experienced manufacturers of ceiling fans have already launched smart ceiling fans, especially for kids. They are entertainment and developing. Shapes are core in such models. It may be fluffy white clouds, rainbow arcs. These shapes can develop kid’s imagination. They can be soft, with LED lights for creating a more natural effect.

The most favorite models today are airplane ceiling fan models. They have blades like propellers and are in a great demand. Parents prefer them for boys who dream about flights, the sky, and planes. Also, it is quite often used a galaxy theme with the pictures of the moon, stars, globe. It develops an interest in our universe, intergalactic travels and influence for kid’s good sleep. It makes fun and exciting atmosphere. Some fans are equipped with lights or a separate light kit.

Another interesting model is a flower ceiling fan with blades made in shape of flower petals. Fans have a reasonable price in a market nowadays.

Hunter Fan Company 59031 Fantasy Flyer 48-Inch Blue Ceiling Fan with Three Gray Blades

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More important information

Like other ceiling fans, kids one is created with different quality (middle, high). Some children are very sensitive to noises, so there are perfect quiet ceiling fans. Such fans have noiseless running and according to the size and quantity of blades can be useful for sensitive places (nursery, bedrooms). New update technologies like a remote control system, Bluetooth, and DC motors are also used. Remotes are most appropriate for teenager’s rooms. Such motors from “Emerson”, “Casablanca” and “Hunter” come with a lifetime warranty.

There are also models with neon. It is a new trend in ceiling fans’ market, but it looks unusual, amazing and inspiring for kids or teenagers and certainly brings happy smiles to everyone.

Finishes for these fans are often covered with dust armor coating and they are anticorrosion. All latest models have reversible airflow blades and a three or four-speed setting. Parents should remember that children will grow with the fan which you choose so to take into considering kids taste and future preferences is important.