Low profile ceiling fans

World best manufacturers of ceiling fans have made special ceiling fans for householders that want to purchase a functional, convenient and reliable device for their small or medium rooms with low ceilings. They are low profile ceiling fans.

Such fans propose an excellent design, high-quality materials, interesting shapes, colors and superior motors for a good air circulation. Fans are flush-mount and are set up to ceilings closely in comparison to standard ceiling fans. It means that they are the best variant for any type of ceiling that is lower than common. Also, they are called close-to-ceiling fans or sometimes hugger fans.

52" Possini Euro Design Admiralty Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Low profile ceiling fans

Top designers from different companies create such fans in any styles. They can be, for instance, traditional, antique that graceful and can combine the design of 19th century and modern technology and often are decorated with antique brass, oak blades; or rustic, loft, modern models with a DC motor.

For their creating used finishes like coated glossy white or bright nickel, bronze, brushed aluminum and etc. Also, there are handcrafted low profile ceiling fans with the best performance and quality in a market today.

How to install Low profile ceiling fans

Before purchasing any variant, a householder must measure its area where a fan will be set up. And a consultant of a shop or online store will help to choose a correct model that will be useful and suit your room space. Also, the householder should know a ceiling height to buy an appropriate size of a fan.

Low profile ceiling fans can fill any location efficient air flow and you don’t need a down rod or extension for their installing. Speeds of wind are optimal: high, medium and low. They are ideal for very small areas because they will not take much place. Installation is simple as cleaning and relamping. Just go step by step at the manufacturer’s instruction.

How to use

To improve air circulation around your house you can with a help of a low profile ceiling fan with three or five blades ranging from 36-42 inches. Use it particularly in small locations like bedrooms, halls or walk-in closets. The desired comfort is a core factor in purchasing a ceiling fan. A common fan is 52 inch with 5 blades, but for not large rooms should choose a 42 or 36 inches ceiling fan.

Indoor ceiling fans mustn’t be mounted outdoors, as they aren’t UL rated. Experts don’t recommend using them for ocean waterfront applications. But if you buy an outdoor low profile ceiling fan, you can use it indoors, for instance, in bathrooms and attics. They can be perfect for these rooms and you will certainly feel the difference in air and whole space conditions.

Hunter Fan Company 51061 Low Profile III 42-Inch Ceiling Fan, New Bronze

Low profile ceiling fans

Advantage of using

Depend on your tastes there are many stylish fans. Everyone can choose a model that suit décor of his location. In summers a fan let to reduce energy costs. You should just reverse blade direction from one position to clockwise that makes the air to rise. Then set a low speed and a warm ceiling air can fall down to heat a floor air.

Low profile ceiling fans most often are produced with a light kit. It is very convenient due to its rationality. High-quality fans can be integrated with LED lighting.

Important information

Manufacturers used the finest materials, reversible blades, DC motors which are reliable and silent without wobbles.

Usually, these fans are equipped with three-speed pull chain device and come with a lifetime warranty.

Also one of the most crucial details is a remote control system that exists in most low profile ceiling fans. A remote control system allows you run as a fan itself and lights. Some top remote controls are complex devices. They include programmable timers, Bluetooth or radio and will automatically alter fan speed according to room temperatures.

Low profile ceiling fans are compact, rational, reliable devices. Buying one of them you bring a smart appliance to your home that will fill your home with a refreshing breeze, and beautiful finish will catch an eye of your family and coming guests. So an attractive fan will be a profitable investment for a long period of time.