Modern ceiling fans

The ceiling fan isn’t a recent invention, firstly, it was made in the late 19th century, so it is still a relevant and multifunctional device for the householders. Fans help to create a comfortable and homey atmosphere in any locations, cooling in hot summers or push warmer air down in rooms in winter. It is simple enough to reverse the fan from one season to another; you should only change the ceiling fan direction.

Modern ceiling fans are superior, functional, come with long or extended warranties and are made in different stylistic decisions that will add aesthetics to space in any style. But with growing necessity of being energy efficient and environmentally friendly, modern ceiling fans are not only for spaces’ décor as for an installation of a lifetime appliance with the lowest financial costs.

7800200 Techno 52-Inch Brushed Aluminum Indoor LED Ceiling Fan

Modern ceiling fans

How to use

Today, trusted designers brands are “Modern Fan Company”, “Minka Aire”, “Fanimation”, “Casablanca” and “Kichler”. They manufactured contemporary ceiling fans in a various size, color, for high or low ceilings. A small ceiling fan has 36″ blade span and matches to not large locations. 52″ or 60″ ceiling fan is usually used for large living, dining rooms, kitchens, where airflow is prime.

For rooms with low ceilings is recommended to set up a flush mount ceiling fan with lightning, because it will make optimal conditions and become an additional source of light. The modern ceiling fan is divided into indoor and outdoor. Outdoor ceiling fans are made from another material than indoor, they should be UL rated and used in wet or damp environments like patios, covered porches.

Advantages of using

Modern ceiling fans are multifunctional fans including energy efficient LED light kits. Such kits are smart innovations that become more and more popular among the customers because they save their money and energy.

Another new technology that was integrated into ceiling fans was a remote control. It has already become a standard function operating as simple as a push of a button. This remote control lets to change the fan’s speed, power, blades directions or illumination distantly and wirelessly.

Ceiling fans look differently, it may have a minimalist style as rustic or be perfect, luxury and elegant. Such fans are created in neutral colors, with metal finishes like bronze, iron, oil rubbed bronze, burnished antique brass, weathered copper, brushed nickel and others. There are different levels of quality (medium, top quality) and are also equipped a high-quality motor. “Kichler” motors (DC motors) are considered to be very reliable nowadays. Motors can serve long. They use about 70 percent less energy than others. Fans save energy during the year. And all technological fixtures that companies offer improve demand of them.

7214100 Harmony 48-Inch Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan

Modern ceiling fans

Best modern ceiling fans

The well-known fan is “Torsion”. The company presents eternal, respectable models with extra class finishes, excellent blades, suitable for any interior. These fans run absolutely silently.

A second world famous fan is “Spitfire”. It has been launched this year, but it reached the top of the best for its performance. “Spitfire” fan has 3 wood blades and is represented by a rustic group.

A third is “Artemis” ceiling fan. It is an unsurpassed fan with three contoured aerodynamic blades that seem to cover each other with an unusual finish (light maple or redwood).

The next is “Irene” from the “Matthews” Fan Company. It has an exceptional industrial style as a prop with respectable walnut-stained wood blades.

The fifth popular fan is “Ball” ceiling fan from “Modern Fan Company”. It is embodying, beautiful with retro charming. It becomes popular among fashion designers themselves.

The sixth, “Roto” ceiling fan from “Minka Aire”, has a traditional industrial look with an ultra-quiet motor.

The next modern ceiling fan is “Embrace” from “Fanimation” company for low ceilings with modern décor, simple lines provide a cozy environment in small locations.

The last model is “Loft” ceiling fan from “Emerson” company. Such fans are equipped with Energy Star, have airfoil blades and suit large rooms.

Modern ceiling fans are an important attribute in a flat or house nowadays. Bringing update technology to your family, you get functional, decorative devices that will help to keep up with the time, save environment, money and your feelings.