Monte Carlo ceiling fans

The company was established in 1996 as a division of Encon Fans by H. and M. Markwardt. They manage to transform conventional ceiling fans into sophisticated functional equipment.  They searched new ideas, the variant of materials to add a fan décor, style, color without loss of its functionality. So “Monte Carlo” became part of Seagull Lighting Inc. in 2000 and soon is located in Riverside, state New Jersey.

Although the “Monte Carlo” Fans Company is quite young and it has developed a respectable reputation for modern technology that they use, quality of fans’ components and its service. Being a high-quality ceiling fans’ producer, “Monte Carlo” has different levels of quality, for instance, they offer medium and top quality ceiling fans. Today the company presents over 40 styles of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans together and different shapes of its blades.

Monte Carlo 8EER60BSD, Empire, 60" Ceiling Fan, Brushed Steel

Monte Carlo ceiling fans

Customers can choose an available indoor ceiling fan desired size with light or without depending on a space. Also, the company produces outdoor fans that can fit any porch, sunroom, patio or hallway.

The motor of the “Monte Carlo” ceiling fans is extremely quiet, made from the best quality materials. Some models are equipped with Energy Star and all fans have long warranties.

One of “Monte Carlo” most popular and modern fans is the Skylon Ceiling fans that are a highlight of the DC ceiling fans collection and has energy efficiency. The Minimalist Ceiling fan is also equipped with a DC motor and LED lighting. For smaller space, the company recommends the Empire Ceiling fan.

“Monte Carlo” is a very contemporary producer that integrates fine design, gleaming finishes, quality material and superior standards its fans. The fans can be decorated with white, brushed nickel, bronze, graphite or black kits with or without light. If you desire to change your room adding an extremely update device or make it more elegant, transforming it to the comfort zone for rest – choose “Monte Carlo” ceiling fan.

How to install

When you purchase one of the models of “Monte Carlo” ceiling fans you can be sure that its installation is quite simple. Just, first of all, you should turn the electricity off. All fans come with support information that will help you do to this.  When the fan is hung on the ceiling, you need to make sure that the fan’s blades rotate without any blockage.  It should hang over seven feet from the ground to the trailing edge of a blade.

Monte Carlo 3DIR52RBD Discus Trio 52 inch Ceiling Fan, Silver

Monte Carlo ceiling fans

How to use

“Monte Carlo” fans are appointed with multi-speed components. Depending on the quantity blades, size and type (indoor or outdoor) for a comfortable and fine airflow a fan must have 3-speeds. The 4- blades fan can circulate air of up to 5.995 cubic feet per minute. This model matches to large space of up to 200 square feet and its motor provide with quite an operation. The existence of the Energy Star makes the ceiling fans the best devices for buyers because it is created so that reducing your electric costs there is no less its functionality. Supplying massive air flow to your rooms, you will feel a comfortable breeze. Fans are a cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption all year around and save your money.

Outdoor ceiling fans can cool massively in warm spaces and brighten the dark areas with white lighting. Turning on a fan you get cool air, relaxing atmosphere and an additional source of light. Fans are a most effective way to redecorate space, adding excellent high-quality device and stylish accent that will be in harmony with all interior and you.

Other facts

First of all “Monte Carlo” distinguishes for its fashion design, exceptional performance. The company inspires with real-world fashion tendency, pure nature and remembering world’s historical tastes. Buyers who prefer a contemporary, transitional or conventional style, the company produces exact models with unique finishes, color and size. Providing cool or warm air flow in your space, you receive the opportunity to reduce energy costs. “Monte Carlo” has a special title among the customers – it is the “Architects of Air”.