Remote control ceiling fans

A system of remote control is one of the modern convenient techniques that let householders manage any ceiling fan distantly just push a button. A remote control is especially helpful when a fan was installed in outdoor space or in large locations. Also, it is perfect for rooms with high ceilings. The householders got an opportunity to lie on the bed or sit at the table and manage a fan without moving only with hands.

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Top manufactures as “Hunter”, “Emerson”, “Kichler”, “Casablanca” integrate remotes in ceiling fans with lighting so it lets the customers control as a fan as lighting. For instance, the “Hunter” presents ceiling fans with remotes that have high-quality parts and ceiling fans with reverse controls. It can be a 52 inch or 60-inch ceiling fan (called mid-sized fans) that suit rooms from 150 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft. last top ceiling fans with remotes let control the brightness of lights too. Around the world, there is a tendency to manage devices in your home with phones. Fans companies also support this perfect idea. The company “Fanimation” has already launched a collection of ceiling fans with a fan Sync remotes that is controlled by a smartphone application. You can control speed, the lighting of a fan.

Minka-Aire F519L-WH, Concept II LED White Flush Mount 52" Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote Control

Remote control ceiling fans







Remotes supply in creating an optimal environment in which you can change the fan speed, blades’ direction, a degree of lighting while you are busy another matters. Such system has become popular fast. It is installed in as indoor as in outdoor ceiling fans now.

How to use

Remote controlled ceiling fans should choose correctly remembering the room size and the height of the ceiling. There are three basic control types. The first is hand-held remote. It allows you to control a fan from any location within the remotes’ range. The next one is wall remote. It never gets lost and is used as easily as a light switch. The last type is a combo, including a hand-held as wall control. It is also convenient for any locations.

Manufacture parameters for wireless frequencies can be the same for multiple ceiling fan remotes. So others remotes on that frequency can run your fan. Preventing this, the manufacturers recommend changing your remote control frequency. Also, remotes are quite easy to lose, but shouldn’t be sad. In that case, a householder contacts the producer’s company and order a universal remote integrated with a light kit for setting the frequency to match your fan.

How to install remote control ceiling fans

Almost every model with a remote control has the high price. Installation of them is not tricky if knowing your right ceiling height. For ceilings which are less 9 feet, a fan should be bought with a flush mount. Also, the length of the bottom of the fan to ground it ought to be more 7 feet. In the box, there also will be a remote receiver, a small box with DIP switches (small buttons in one direction) and wires (3-4). When the electricity is ought to be switch off, you connect the wires from the receiver to the wires coming out of the ceiling. In the case of a wall control, it is set up in the existing wall switch.

Minka-Aire F905L-DK, Artemis XL5 LED Distressed Koa 62" Ceiling Fan


Remote control ceiling fans

Advantage of using

Best designers create the ceiling fans making them traditional, lost, rustic or exceptional, modern, high-tech, superior and amazing. They can be any color, size, finishes, décor, quality, and speeds.

Most customers prefer a remote control than a wall control because it is more convenient. For instance, in a large bedroom might be installed two or more fans and a remote control allows to run them simultaneously.

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Also, there can be installed radio frequency remotes or Bluetooth. There is no risk if a child in the bedroom. But it needs batteries despite a wall control. Wall controls can break only in exceptional conditions, external situations, except the remotes that can break most often.

Technology is a friend of modern people, bringing them at home we never stop, because they simplify our life, save money, time and strengthen. Remote controls ceiling fans in a pair of years will become usual things at home. And the fans producers can invent another smart devices and technology for fans.