Vintage antique ceiling fans

Vintage ceiling fans remind about our history, past time as a Victorian era, for instance. Vintage ceiling fans belong to a classic design that has distinctive features. There are unique belt-driven options, scrollwork on the motor housing, brushed nickel finish, and reversible rosewood maple blades. Some models have a three-light fixture with frosted ribbed glass that fills any space with soft, warm light.

Savoy House Circulaire 3 Headed Ceiling Fan in English Bronze 38-951-CA-13

Vintage Antique Ceiling Fans

Many world famous companies like “Casablanca”, “Emerson”, “Minka Aire”, “Craftmade”, “Gulf Coast” offer vintage ceiling fans with lamps for pergola, porches, sunrooms, and patios. These models remember us about elegance, rich décor, a grace of an interior. 18th or 19th-century fans’ designs are also commonly used in parts of fans and they will perfectly fit furniture in your room. Such vintage style attracts lovers of the classic elegance.

Vintage ceiling fans despite on their historical look are primary efficient devices with excellent motors for their quiet circulation, three speeds and a reversible switch that will cool your location in summers and recirculate warm air for comfortable conditions in winters.

Interesting antique ceiling fans the consumers can find at online stores, for instance, where they have the lowest price allowed by their producers. So the consumers get high-quality artwork at a low price.

How to use Vintage antique ceiling fans

Nowadays a lot of people are eager to change their rooms and don’t want to spend much time or money in it. To fill rooms with new interesting things that must be unique and beautiful is one of the simple solutions. Vintage ceiling fans can suit because of many reasons. Householders don’t have to change the interior of a whole room. A fan will be an effective appliance and its wooden or bronze finish will appeal eye, become a new good accent.

Some rich people search for vintage fans with a particular desire in mind. Antique ceiling fans are often expensive. They are kept in large rooms, halls to make space look like a palace. They bring a feeling of luxury to a living room.

But before buying a fan, you should measure the room where it will be set up. The company “Hunter” represents charming vintage ceiling fans with a retro brass finish, oak blades that are polished anti dust liquid for rooms more 480 sq. ft. It is set up in a standard or angled position with or without the lighting fixture. There are three speeds and a via pull chain. The motor is reliable, silent, wobble-free and lifetime warranty.

Another popular example is the 44-inch “Casa Deville”. White rub finish, crystals create a soft and gorgeous sparkle. It is equipped with via pull chain, a three-speed reversible option, a six-inch down-rod.

TroposAir Mustang 18" Oscillating Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan in Rubbed Bronze

Vintage Antique Ceiling Fans

More important information

Vintage is a recurring trend now. Some materials used to make a vintage style like pewter, wood grain are more elegant than modern plastic details. True vintage ceiling fans are ought to have two or five blades. The most appropriate colors are beige, white, grey, brown. The vintage style requires symmetry in its shapes, there are no modern, curved lines. The customers should realize that modern vintage ceiling fans are not as expensive as actual vintage ceiling fans and they are made recent time and modern top designers, but not in the 19th century. Actual vintage ceiling fans have high value in the market today and a number of adores of the vintage are looking for them and ready to pay much money just to extend their collection of antique or rare ceiling fans.

Vintage is a timeless design. But the customers should remember that such a style concerns the whole appearance of the fan and not exactly its technical efficiency. Update motors and other metal details are very reliable, a remote control that is a very convenient function for people today. Remote control allows a user to run the fan distantly without any moving. Also, they must have warranties and don’t need constant maintenance. True vintage ceiling fans are needed some maintenance time to time.

The householders don’t need to decorate the whole room in vintage style if they don’t want to live in a museum. It is very important to modern people to use update devices, but be in connection with nature and remember historical traditions.